Product History
Version History of SPOT as follows:

Version 1.0 of Spot was written by Jean Yang and Michael Buckley
in 2000 and 2001

The package was ported to Windows by Kevin Cheong in 2001.

Various extensions of functionality were added in 2001 by Ryan
Lagerstrom, and Version 1.1 was released in mid-2001.

Version 2 was developed in late 2001 by Richard Beare and
released in 2002. This version is essentially unchanged in terms of
functionality, but internally uses new R facilities for management of
external objects.

Version 3 was developed by Richard Beare in late 2004 and
released in 2005. New features in this release include enhanced
graphical user interface, flexible spot segmentation, automatic grid
location, with user guidance, morphological background
estimation, and tools for finding unusual spot.
Microarray Image
Post SPOT Image
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