Web Service
HCA-Vision Web Service

What It Does:

HCA-Vision Web Service is an effort by CSIRO to allow remote
access to results of HCA-Vision, thereby increasing overall
schedule efficiency in research.

In the current situation, HCA-Vision is often installed on a single
computer over a laboratory network, therefore only allowing viewing
of results from that single access point. HCA-Vision Web Service
solves this problem through .NET technology and allow scientists,
engineers, administrators and other categories of users to access
their results simultaneously from any location over the network.
This means an researcher can access his or her results from the
office or the lunchroom, without making the trip to the laboratory
computer and waiting in queue.  


HCA-Vision Web Service:

Allows access to Neurite Analysis Batch Process Results
Allows access to Neuron Body Segmentation Batch
Processing Results
Contains easy to use query functions to select subsets of
these results
Provides a versatile user management system for
administrative purposes
Able to perform the above tasks both locally and remotely

HCA-Vision Web Service is due to be released with the next update of HCA-Vision.
Neuron Body Segmentation
Neurite Analysis
Results Query Builder
Software for High Content Analysis