HCA-Vision Subcellular Analysis Module

What It Does:

The Subcellular Analysis Module will feature the capability to
analyse the translocation of proteins between virtually any two cell

In the current version, the following functions are included:

  • Nucleus detection
  • Cell detection
  • Cell scoring
  • Membrane detection
  • Co-localisation analysis
  • Intensity measurement
  • Region Of Interests (ROI)

The future version will allow dissection of the mechanisms
underlying signalling pathways such as:

Calcium Signalling
Membrane Receptor Activation

The Subcellular Analysis Module will meet the high standard set by HCA-Vision in terms of speed, reliability, and accuracy.

We are looking for pilot project partners to extend functionalities
further and test the module on interesting data. To request further
information or make a comment on this module, please
Contact us.
Subcellular Analysis
Software for High Content Analysis